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weddings make you super


you go into every wedding


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the ceremony

you never know what to do during

family formals

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A comprehensive series of in-depth, online courses to get your heart in the right place to love your clients, give you the skill you need to adapt to any situation, & prepare you for every part of the wedding day; starting with FLASH!


Wedding day



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wedding day


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Look forward to each part of the wedding day with confidence!

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External flash for the reception & exit. Kill the intimidation! Everything you need & nothing you don't!


How to style & photograph amazing details no matter what!

Day of PREP

Set yourself up for wedding-day success.

Getting Ready PRIORITIES

How to use the brief & busy getting ready hour.

First LOOK - B&G Portraits

Everything you need to capture the most important photos of the day.

Bridal PARTY

Make bridal party photos fast & fun, just like everyone likes them!


How to leave your couple's parents glad they paid for you!


The balance to honor your couple & their guests during the ceremony.


Your best chance to love your couple's people & go out with a bang!


$120 value

$300 value

$150 value

$400 value

$200 value

$180 value

$180 value

$250 value


POSING Fundamentals

Set your couple up for success & pose with confidence.

$600 value

Now only $199

Essential Wedding Day GEAR

How to start & grow your gear kit to be prepared for any circumstance!

$120 value

Super Simple POSING Guide

Drawing a blank in front of your couple is the worst! Let this simple guide keep that from happening EVER AGAIN!

$60 value

Bridal POSING Guide

Bridals are some of the most beautiful photos you will take on the wedding day. These fundamentals are key!

$80 value

See all the details!

Included with Purchase!

Included with Purchase!

1. influence

We taught this course in person & it was a smashing success!  Now the entire course is in production & set to launch in 2021!  You not only get early access, but also the chance to influence future contents before it's released to the public!

2. bonuses

Each course within the Confident Wedding Photographer Course includes videos, specific & practical checklists, tons of pro-tips & PDF bonuses!

3. consulting

When you purchase the Confident Wedding Photographer Course you will also receive UNLIMITED email consulting with us for your first three months!

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Y'all... I am SO beyond grateful I decided to take Ryland and JP's Flash Course!!! I had no idea what all I was missing out on before I took this. I love learning, but my attention span is so short I always end up quitting the info videos I watch. BUT - Within the first video I watched, I was already hooked! They lay out exactly what I need and exactly how to use it all. I could NOT WAIT to pull my flash out 2 days after finishing the course to try out at my next wedding, and when I did, it did not disappoint! I don't get this excited about much, but using a flash now and getting images that turn out with minimal editing is one of the things I've struggled with the most!!! I could go on and on, but just do it. Take the course and do yourself and your business a HUGE favor!

- Georgia

about FLASH!

This course is incredible. I was able to take something away from every module. One module that was a game changer for me was equipment to bring for dealing with light reflections and things of that sort... The Rainsfords made it all sound so stress-free and simple. I couldn't be happier that I got to take this course. A piece of advice if you're debating taking this course...... JUST DO IT!! You will feel so refreshed and inspired to get to your next photography session and flash will be the least of your worries! 

- Faith

about FLASH!

The Rainsford Photography Confident Photographer course is everything you've hoped for in a photography course that you didn’t think existed: practical business development; technical training; an hour-by-hour wedding day walk-through; and an interactive, personalized teaching environment lead by experienced, servant-hearted professionals that you’ll want to be BFFs with by the end of the day.

- Brittany


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We made this

We first hosted an in-person workshop & walked our students through EACH part of the wedding day - giving the heart, skill & prep needed to CRUSH the wedding day & it was a smashing success!  Now we are bringing that EXACT workshop to YOU through the Confident Wedding Photographer Course - an online course of 10+ classes FULL of the heart, skill & prep you need to photograph each part of the wedding day with CONFIDENCE!

Our hearts for education

you can trust us

JP was an elementary teacher for 5 years before we started our business, received the highest accolades, & earned a masters-level classical education certificate post-undergrad. Teaching & helping people learn is one of her GREATEST joys!

Ryland has worked as a designer & progress leader in the corporate world for over 7 years, leading organizational transformation at a national & global level. His passion is for designing change to help people succeed in their goals!

Together we have photographed over 100 weddings since 2014 & have consistently generated a six-figure business, growing further EACH year!


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